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Founder Series – “Lasting Impact” featuring Ursula Burns

Sustainable strategies and lasting impact

Impact X founding member and business leader Ursula Burns joins us for a discussion about sustainable strategies and lasting impact.

She describes herself as an “ordinary human being” who had a “very good start”. But ask anyone about the powerhouse that is Ursula Burns, and they’ll tell you she’s far from ordinary. In fact, the word they’re most likely to use is extraordinary.

Ursula is an international business leader who made history when she became the first and only black woman to lead a Fortune 500 company when she was appointed CEO of Xerox. She is credited for turning the multi-billion-dollar company from a print and copying firm, into a world-class technology and services enterprise.

Ursula is formidable across multiple industries including technology (VEON, Uber), health (Mayo Clinic), finance (American Express), food (Nestle), education (MIT), philanthropy (Ford Foundation, National Museum of African American History and Culture), and the arts (New York City Ballet).

She joins Impact X’s Founders Series for a candid discussion of sustainable strategies the European Fast Growth Community can employ to combat racism. Ursula will be joined by Eric Collins the CEO of Impact X to discuss personal, organisation level and ecosystem actions that can be taken.

Ursula and Eric are both Founding Members of Impact X. The discussion will be facilitated by journalist and founder of public relations firm ESPR, Eva Simpson.

The Founder Series Webinars are a series of panels and talks with founders and leaders in our network.

Our mission at Impact X is to support the growth of underrepresented founders and one of the ways we do that is through sharing the rare insights and unique advice from some of the incredible founders and leaders that we know.

This promises to be another unique webinar presenting transformative strategies for underrepresented entrepreneurs.